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By HeyOppa on Sep 26, 2018 at 6:11 PM
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    Greetings everyone! Here it is the long awaited update on 1.12.2.
    This time around we decided to focus on the server performance and some minor changes. We don't have much to say but to leave you with the update log below:

    TheMoon - The plugin itself was something innovative, but it wasn't worth it due to it's size.
    Crystals - Our own currency will stay on a small "hiatus" until we have it ready to release.
    MobStacking - The plugin itself is fully removed, even though some mobs might take a while to update.

    + ADDED
    Pinãta Party - Who cares for a vote party when you can get a Pinãta Party. Break the Pinãta for rewards!
    Chat Format - Our old chat format didn't fit our needs, now our chat is more flexible and intuitive.
    New Spawn - At the end of spawn you can find a newly added zone so you can hang out with your friends!
    Tags - Now the tags are available for everyone. Choose yours with /tags
    Messages - New messages format.

    Have fun playing!
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