Survival 1.13 - BETA Release!

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    Hello everyone! After a month of hard work and a lot of secrecy we can finally share the good news with you! We are excited to announce the release of Survival 1.13 (Beta v1).
    To learn more about the server itself continue reading, we'll see you online!

    SURVIVAL 1.13
    No, you aren't dreaming.. Survival 1.13 is finally here!
    When you first join the server you are assigned with the Human role, but if you aren't happy with your role you can easily change it by typing /roles and choose your desired one from there.
    There are three available roles; "Human, Pirate and Mermaid".

    The server itself is on "hardcore" mode, which means you can easily get killed if you wander around and If you die you can easily lose your items.

    The levels system itself is also very simple, you get certain amount of XP every time you kill the following: Players, cows, pigs, spiders, sheeps, skeletons, zombies, villagers. You level up by reaching certain amounts of experience.
    Bounties: Anyone can set a bounty on you to simply get you killed by other players and win rewards in the process. Want to make money? You can easily join up to three jobs and earn money that way.

    That's it, now go ahead and start your new journey, and make sure to make it to the top!

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