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    Minecraft username: white_fox7

    Age: 15

    Gender: her/she

    location and timezone: texas: cental time

    languages you can speak: English and some German

    Do you have any other accounts: no just this one

    Discord Username: lie_lie (i dont lie its just a nickname)

    why do you want to be a staff on LGBT Realms: i have helped before one another server but doesn't exist anymore, and i really enjoyed help out everyone. seen it doesn't exist anymore i want to find other servers to help around. Im playing right after homework to 10pm. My friend and i just join like 2-4 weeks ago and everyone here is so nice and i would love to be part of a wonderful staff. it makes me happy when the staff helps me , and i want to make the players feel the same i do when a staff helps me. making people happy and to help them is all i want to do in life and i feel like helping people on a server is just the beginning.

    Do you have any staff experience: yes. my friend had a server. she didn't give me the staff pat cause we where friends i didn't want her to do that. so i applied just like everyone else. i had to apply 4 times before i was excepted. i wanted to help the people out when ever they needed help. i was always on and making the people happy with helping them build there houses or farms.

    what do you think are your strong attributes: i am good at listening to others and understanding they problems and trying to help them as best as i can. i am very patient with everyone. i set goals and dont stop till i have achieved my goal.

    what are your weakest attributes: i have a limit of amount of attitude someone gives me before i get mad a snap back at them. (i am working on it and i am getting better). that is all that i can think of right now.

    if someone came one the server and made a racial comment what would you do: firs i would ask them if they can stop. if they dot i will give them a warning. if that doesn't work. if i am able to i would mute them for 2-5 minutes or banned them
    for a day.

    is there anything you would like us to know: i would be a great helper to those who need it. i hope i get accepted but if i dont it want stop me from having a good time on the server and i would still help people in anyway i can!

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