LGBT Realms is FINALLY here!

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    Hello Everyone!

    LGBT Realms is finally open to the public.
    What is LGBT Realms?
    When deciding on creating a new server, our vision was a place where our community would feel at home and feel free to be themselves. Our server is a save place for everyone, where anyone can come and feel welcomed.

    We offer some custom plugins and some well known ones such as:
    Marriage, McMMO, SlimeFun, Auctions, Grief Prevention, Jobs, Weather/Time Vote and much more.

    Ranks? We got you!
    We have 3 different ranks that can be purchased at - They all offer different perks.
    When purchasing a rank you also get access to +11 tags with 11 different terms that most well fit you.

    Remember, we are still in beta so make sure to give us your constructive feedback.
    Don't forget to follow us everywhere!

    Discord >
    Twitter >
    IP >
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