Introducing: LGBT Realms 2.0

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    Hello everyone!
    Our long awaited Network upgrade is FINALLY here. It took us quite some time to figure some things out in terms of performance and engagement with our community so we could release a more stable version than the previous one we were working on.

    What's new?
    Our old and 'cozy' hub wasn't working anymore and that was visible when we gathered more players in the area, to fix that we now have a 160x145 hub with different zones for players to explore. The performance was also improved since the last update with TPS around 19.95 with +40 players.

    185 Cosmetics and Treasure Chests
    We have finally released our own Cosmetics, with 185 Cosmetics for you to unlock with coins in the Treasure Chests. You can easily earn new coins in our upcoming mini-games!

    Global Ranks
    Our most wanted feature was in fact mini-games, but for us to sustain a network we had to elaborate ideas, and in fact Global Ranks was the easiest and the most rewarding idea we had to reward players for their help. When you purchase a Global Rank, the rank will stay in your account forever and the money from the ranks will go towards the mini-games servers.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Party and Friends
    Who wants to play alone? No one, for that reason we decided to incorporate a global Party and Friends system. Whenever you add friends, you'll be notified whenever they join the network. You can also create a party to play mini-games together. Now, there's no reason not to have fun!


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