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    Minecraft Username: Fys

    Age: 15 years old.

    Gender (Pronouns): Her/ She.

    Location and Timezone: New York, EST.

    Languages you can speak: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Spanish.

    Do you have any other accounts?: I do have 1 alt throughout my 4 years on Minecraft. My alts are Qcg and AntonioGarza (I play on this account on Hypixel to help my cousin level up in Bedwars but, it's not really mine. Just felt I have to list it.)

    Discord Username: engajin#0010

    Why do you want to be staff on LGBT Realms?: There are abundant reasons as to why I want the role of Staff member on LGBT Realms. The sole reason I want to devote my time to LGBT Realms is that I don’t see a lot of staff online on MY timezone (can’t really speak for the others though and, not saying the staff isn’t active because I know they need to meet a quota.) Every now and then a helper or mod will pop on and stay for a little while before disappearing from the server and continuing with their daily tasks either online or in the real world. While the staff members are offline, new players with the intent to grief or troll will occasionally pop on and no-one with the authority to stop these people are on LGBT Realms. Whether it be someone making racial and homophobic remarks, or just cussing out at the daily players of LGBT, they persist until someone (usually HeyOppa) hops on the LGBT Realms discord and warns or bans them. I feel I can devote my time daily to LGBT Realms and prevent these players from causing havoc to the server as I am already a very active player (albeit not for a particularly long time since the writing of this application.) Another core reason for my submission of this application is because I want to grow as a person and gain experience through this role. I want to make new moments with all my friends on LGBT Realms whether it be good or bad because, these moments and experiences will help me grow as a person and better prepare me for future jobs in my future by giving me leadership experiences, teaching me how to deal with unruly people and give me the motivation to help jumpstart my future careers.

    Do you have any staff experience?: Fortunately enough, I do. I was a mod on a small p.v.p server in 2015. My main assignment was to deal with players who were cheating and maintaining the chat. This server closed down in early 2016 and I sadly enough, do not remember the name of this small server. Near the end of 2016, I was lucky enough to be given second-hand knowledge of what being a trainee on Mineplex was like by my friend sugrbunny. Although this doesn’t count as staff ‘experience’, it has helped broaden my understanding of how staff members operate on the bigger servers of Minecraft.

    Why should we choose you to be staff?: One reason you should choose me as a staff member of LGBT Realms is, I have good relations with existing staff members on LGBT Realms. They are really good friends of mine and I feel like they will be very motivated to know that I have applied for staff and will help make my time on LGBT Realms a very good one if I am accepted. Another reason you should choose me for the role of staff on LGBT Realms is that I have a large amount of time to devote to the server. I am usually always free on weekends and get off school really early (2 pm EST.) I usually will be on for around 1-10 hours a day. This ensures that LGBT Realms is almost always a safe and troller free community as I will be there to watch over my fellow players and help guide them whenever they feel like they need a helping hand. I have read and understood the rules of LGBT Realms and feel like if a player asks me for advice on LGBT Realms, I am capable of giving that to them. I also feel that people are very comfortable around my bubbly and cheerful personality so I am very easy to approach.

    What do you think are your strongest attributes?: Some of my strongest attributes are, I am very easy to work with (meaning I don’t get myself into arguments and listen to others opinions without criticizing them in a negative tone), I am very friendly and approachable and I am very ambitious. Once my goal is set, I strive to finish what I started. I can work well under stress and deal with situations in a calm, passive tone very quickly.

    In your opinion, what are your weakest attributes?: I feel like one of my strengths are also one of my weaknesses. Since I am ambitious and goal-driven, I am also stubborn and adamant on what I want to achieve. When I have set my mind on something, I stick to it and very rarely change my opinion. Fortunately, this trait doesn’t sacrifice my ability to give the players of LGBT Realms a happy and peaceful time while they’re on the server.

    If someone came on the server and started making racial slurs, what would you do as a staff member?: My first reaction would be to tell the player(s) making the offense to stop what they’re doing as this is seen as unacceptable behavior on LGBT Realms. This would be my first and ONLY warning to the player(s) making the offense. If they persist, I would mute the player and put them in jail, or temporarily ban them depending on how serious the offense was. If I am not given the option to do either of these, I will contact someone of higher authority who can and they shall deal with the player(s) accordingly.

    If someone breaks a rule and doesn't listen when you tell them to stop/warn them, what do you do?: The person(s) that continuously repeat the offense(s) will be muted and/or put in jail or banned. If I am personally not able to punish them accordingly, I will be in contact with someone who will. The player(s) making the offense(s) will be dealt with immediately. If I am not on the game, I will be on the discord to spot these offenses.

    Is there anything else you want us to know about you?: I hope that we can build a good relationship and we learn more about each other regardless if I am accepted or not :)

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