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    Have you discovered a Glitch or Bug in one of our servers?
    This is the how you report the issue! Copy the format down below into a new thread and simply answer all the questions.
    Once you've done that our staff will look into it and keep you updated on the situation.

    What is your IGN?:
    Let us know your in-game name. This is especially important if your forum username doesn't match your Minecraft name.

    What server is this glitch/bug occurring?:
    Tell us what server this glitch/bug is occurring on.

    What would you like to report?:
    Explain us what this glitch/bug is and/or what it does.

    How can we replicate this glitch/bug?:
    Explain us how to replicate the issue, preferably step by step. This is important so we know how to fix it.

    Screenshot(s)/Video (if required):
    Please provide screenshots/videos (if needed)

    Additional comments:
    Anything we missed you want to tell us?
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