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By HeyOppa on Jul 23, 2018 at 3:30 PM
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    Greetings everyone! It took us some time to get this update done and tested but it's finally here. Some aspects of the server were totally revamped and re-arranged to better attend the players needs as well as some new plugins that were highly requested.

    ➜ Now accessible from 1.9 to 1.13
    This was our most requested feature and we made it happen. Now, everyone can join the server with the versions 1.9 to 1.13 - The 1.13 update is coming sooner or later but for now you can join with this version, even though you won't be able to enjoy the new features (aka new items) in the meantime.

    ➜ New Spawn
    We have a new and HUGE spawn with all the areas in one place. If before it took you minutes to go from one warp to another now you can easily navigate through the spawn and find different rooms with all the necessities available with just a few steps.

    Our Friends system is finally up and ready to use.
    Ever wanted to add your friends? Now it's possible, simply do
    /friends add <name> and you can add whoever you want as a friend.

    New Ranks
    As per request we have decided to re-name the ranks and additionally add a "Ultimate Rank".
    The new names are: Elf, Fairy, Unicorn and Dragon. The prices/perks are all the same and everyone who purchased a rank prior to the update will keep their ranks without any loss.
    Make sure to check the new ranks in our store.

    New Currency: Crystals
    Say goodbye to the old coins. The server new currency from now on will be Crystals.
    How can you get crystals? Crystals will be easier to acquire if compared to the old coins.
    You can get Crystals by voting on the server, purchasing them on the store or getting Crystals from the crates. How can you use them? The Crystals aren't fully implemented yet, you will be able to purchase perks in the future from a special chest at spawn when the new currency system is fully released.

    Join us today:
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