Hello everyone! After a month of hard work and a lot of secrecy we can finally share the good news with you! We are excited to announce the release of Survival 1.13 (Beta v1).
To learn more about the server itself continue reading, we'll see you online!

No, you aren't dreaming.. Survival 1.13 is finally here!
When you first join the server you are assigned with the Human role, but if you aren't happy with your role you can easily change it by typing /roles and choose your desired one from there.
There are three available roles; "Human, Pirate and Mermaid".

The server itself is on "hardcore" mode, which means you can easily get killed if you wander around and If you die you can easily lose your items.

The levels system itself is also very simple, you get certain amount of XP every time you kill the following: Players, cows, pigs, spiders, sheeps, skeletons, zombies, villagers. You level up by reaching certain amounts of experience.
Bounties: Anyone can set a bounty on you to simply get you killed by other players and win rewards in the process. Want to make money? You can easily join up to three jobs and earn money that way.

That's it, now go ahead and start your new journey, and make sure to make it to the top!

JOIN NOW play.lgbtrealms.com
Greetings everyone! It took us some time to get this update done and tested but it's finally here. Some aspects of the server were totally revamped and re-arranged to better attend the players needs as well as some new plugins that were highly requested.

➜ Now accessible from 1.9 to 1.13
This was our most requested feature and we made it happen. Now, everyone can join the server with the versions 1.9 to 1.13 - The 1.13 update is coming sooner or later but for now you can join with this version, even though you won't be able to enjoy the new features (aka new items) in the meantime.

➜ New Spawn
We have a new and HUGE spawn with all the areas in one place. If before it took you minutes to go from one warp to another now you can easily navigate through the spawn and find different rooms with all the necessities available with just a few steps.

Our Friends system is finally up and ready to use.
Ever wanted to add your friends? Now it's possible, simply do
/friends add <name> and you can add whoever you want as a friend.

New Ranks
As per request we have decided to re-name the ranks and additionally add a "Ultimate Rank".
The new names are: Elf, Fairy, Unicorn and Dragon. The prices/perks are all the same and everyone who purchased a rank prior to the update will keep their ranks without any loss.
Make sure to check the new ranks in our store.

New Currency: Crystals ...

Hello Everyone!

LGBT Realms is finally open to the public.
What is LGBT Realms?
When deciding on creating a new server, our vision was a place where our community would feel at home and feel free to be themselves. Our server is a save place for everyone, where anyone can come and feel welcomed.

We offer some custom plugins and some well known ones such as:
Marriage, McMMO, SlimeFun, Auctions, Grief Prevention, Jobs, Weather/Time Vote and much more.

Ranks? We got you!
We have 3 different ranks that can be purchased at shop.lgbtrealms.com - They all offer different perks.
When purchasing a rank you also get access to +11 tags with 11 different terms that most well fit you.

Remember, we are still in beta so make sure to give us your constructive feedback.
Don't forget to follow us everywhere!

Discord > discord.lgbtrealms.com
Twitter > twitter.com/LGBTRealms
IP > play.lgbtrealms.com