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    Jul 29, 2018
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    idk how to really start anything like this but i should list info about myself, yeah?

    hey my name is Jezebel/Jez. i live in PA. i'm 17, and my major of choice is cyber security
    i am bigender, and gay! i use any pronouns but prefer he/they if we arent close yet
    i am dating dioisdead so we are often together in the server ghsjdgsa
    i play yugioh semi professionally, i love love love dating sims! and i play alot of table tops and splatoon 2 aside from minecraft.
    i love alot of vocaloid music, but my music taste is kinda everywhere!
    i have autism btw but i try not to let that affect me

    feel free to message me if u see me on the server, i love to help
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